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How to Cook Sambar Using Teju Sambar Powder

How to Cook Sambar Using Teju Sambar Powder

 How to Cook Teju Sambar Ingredients

1. Toor Dal – 125gms

2. Cooking Oil

3. Water

4. Curry leaves

5. Coriander Leaves

6. Chopped Onions

7. Chopped Tomatoes

8. Chopped Vegetables

9. Sambar Powder


Cooking Method

1. 125gms of Toor Dal

2. Add water as Required

3. Cook until dal turns soft

4. Add Chopped Onions

5. Add Chopped Tomatoes

6. Add Chopped Vegetables

7. Mix Well

8. Add water as required

9. Sauté till vegetables and dal is fully cooked

10. Add 4-5tbsp of Teju Sambar Masala

11. Mix Well

12. Add tamarind sour

13. Add Salt to taste

14. Bring it to a boil

15. Heat 2tbsp of oil

16. Add 1tbsp Mustard seeds

17. Add Curry leaves

18. Sauté well

19. Add Sambar to the bowl

20. Delicious Vegetable Sambar is Ready to Serve





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