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Rs. 40.00

Bring the wholesomeness of a variety of cuisines home with Teju Masala’s Corn Flour. Made of select corn kernels that are dried and milled hygienically, this product provides the perfect consistency and crunch to your...

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Handpicked, superior-grade green coriander dried and milled into a pure and perfect texture! Teju Masala’s Dhaniya Powder brings home the impeccable blend of freshness, flavour and colour in delicacies.

Rs. 15.00

HOW TO COOK? Teju Egg Masala Ingredients 1. Chopped Onions (3 nos) 2. Chopped Tomato’s (3 nos) 3. Coriander leaves 4. Boiled Eggs (6 – 8nos) 5. Teju Egg masala —————————————– Cooking Method  . Heat...

Rs. 40.00

A perfect blend of 8 flavourful spices used in Indian cuisines, the Teju Garam Masala powder adds an exotic and mouth-watering taste to recipes. It adds the warmth and hotness to dishes, making them a...

Rs. 40.00

The warm flavour, freshness and aroma of Teju Jeera powder makes your delicacies all the more delicious. Premium-quality dried cumin is finely powdered into a pure spice that makes recipes yummy and comes with numerous...

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Teju Kitchen King Masala is, indeed, the King of all Kitchen spices. Made with utmost care from select, premium-grade ingredients, this blend of spices provides the freshness, flavour, colour and texture to all your dishes.

Rs. 235.00

HOW TO COOK? Teju Mutton Masala Ingredients 1. 500g Mutton 2. Sliced Onion 3. Ginger garlic paste 4. Oil 5. 500ml Water ———————————————– Cooking Method 1. 20-30ml of oil 2. Add Chopped Onions 3. Add...

Rs. 15.00

With Teju Pudina Chicken Masala powder, relish in the richness of the fresh flavours of mint, pepper and select spices. Make your chicken curry an impeccable delicacy layered with the perfect green masala paste!

Rs. 325.00

The taste of traditional, home-made Sambar’s essence is captured in every bite with Teju Masala Sambar Powder. Dip in the delicacy and relish in the richness of pure spices and enriched taste.

Rs. 80.00

Teju Soya Chunks are made of superior-grade defatted soybeans and are rich in proteins, fibre. Cholesterol-free, highly nutritious and one of the best alternatives for meat, they make great ingredients in gravies and salads.

Rs. 260.00

Teju turmeric Powder is a premium, pure spice made from select, mature turmeric roots that gives your dishes the perfect taste, colour and essence while also enhancing immunity and well-being!

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